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YuEasy 4K Channel in Box

YuEasy 4K Channel in Box is integrated by YuEasy Playout and YuEasy Scheduling. This system is a cost effective broadcasting solution.2 software integrated perfectly for easy archive, smooth playlist editing flow, and automatic playout process. Backup architecture also designed base on real practice. In house design provides high compatibility to integrate with main stream broadcasting equipment.

This system has proven a successful work flow in mainstream TV broadcasters in Taiwan. The flexibility also work smoothly in OTT and new media area.


Work Flow

◎  User drags clips to Watch Folder of HERO Scheduling for auto-archive.

◎  User edits playlist by Hero Scheduling web browser UI via Internet/ LAN.

◎  Hero Playout will download daily playlist every day, and download required clips accordingly.

◎  While broadcasting, if clips didn’t download to Hero Playout yet, system will play remotely from HERO Scheduling.

◎  After broadcasting, user can check event log(playout record) and system log.

Backup Mechanism

◎  Support 1+1 or N+1 backup mechanism in case main system is abnormal, integrated with SDI matrix switcher.

◎  1+1 backup: backup system keep running the same program with main system in case main system is abnormal.

      1. When manually operating on/off of logo, live input, title and ticker in main system, backup system follows all the actions.

      2. When manually editing playlist in main system, backup system updates playlist in 10 sec and follows playing.

◎  N+1 backup: when a playout system is abnormal, backup system immediately downloads current playlist and keeps current program playout.

◎  Error log for analysis.


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