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YuEasy MAM

YuEasy MAM was developed for the management of mass video, audio, pictures and text files. This powerful and friendly MAM system was designed by Yu-Easy.

YuEasy MAM has bulit in Taiwan public organization for high efficiency management.


Basic Operation:

● Web browser interface for archive.

● User can search, add and edit archive files.

● User can remotely upload, download and edit files.

● Preview window for video files.

● Applicable for video, audio, pictures, and text files.

● Search by main category, sub category, text, and archive date.

● System log with account, operaton time, operating page, event...


● Auto archive when putting file in watch folder.

● When archiving, Hero MAM automatically records file name, resolution, length, format.

● Video info: name, category, format, resolution, length, note, file existance.


● Account authorization level management.

● Different account could be set for category editing, video editing and system system administration.

● Capable to add video category, ex program, ad...


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